In addition to the structural design of buildings and residences, Olde Town Engineering Company's technical staff is available for special projects including retaining walls, museum displays and memorials.  We have provided engineering services on several projects for DesignandProduction Incorporated (Lorton, VA), The Design Minds, Inc. (Alexandria, VA) and LandDesign (Alexandria, VA).

Alexandria Vietnam Veterans' Memorial
Mt. Vernon Recreation Center
Alexandria, VA

Structural design services and material specifications were provided for the foundation of the paving, bench wall and central sculpture of the neighborhood memorial for Vietnam Veterans and U. S. Army Capt. Rocky Versace.  Cost of construction:  $110,000

The Vietnam Women's Memorial
Washington, DC

Mr. Harshman's individual engineering career includes project management experience overseeing the design of the foundation system for the sculpture and public access areas. 
Poor soil conditions at the Constitution Gardens site required a deep foundation to support the sculpture. The weight of the walk, the sculpture and its base are supported on precast concrete piles driven to a depth of approximately 30 feet.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Stylobate Mall Repairs
Washington, DC

As a structural engineer prior to starting Olde Town Engineering Company, Mr. Harshman investigated the structural problems associated with the continued settlement of the soil at the perimeter the of the Memorial, the stylobate mall and the outer perimeter retaining walls. This project required preparation of a complete set of construction documents and specifications utilizing a PVC sheeting system for long-term durability and preservation of the historic landscape.

National Museum of the American Indian
Washington, DC

Structural design review and analysis of the display framing for exhibits at the Museum which convey highlights of Native life and history.  Structural engineering services included structural analysis of proposed displays and design of framing and connections.  The Museum, which houses both permanent and temporary exhibits, opened to the public in September, 2004.  Construction costs for the structure and exhibits is estimated at $199 million.

National Museum of the Marine Corps
Quantico, VA

Structural design review of the museum displays and non-structural elements within the Museum which opened to the public in November, 2006.  The 118,000-square-foot structure, adjacent to their Quantico base, houses military artifacts and recreates key events United States Marines' history.

National Postal Museum Mail Beacon Tower Display
Washington, DC

Design of strengthening required for modifications to the base of the display.  Without removing the tower framing, we accommodated usable space beneath the tower for additional displays for museum visitors.

Jamestown Settlement Permanent Gallery
Williamsburg, VA

Structural review of plans and details by others of the structural framing systems and connections to the building structure and other display elements.  The 30,000-square-foot Gallery features three-dimensional structures and small theatres and depicts the events and environment of the fledgling colony.  

American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar
Richmond, VA

Design of structural framing for several displays within the Center and review of display structures drafted by others.  Tredegar is on a National Historic Landmark site on the James River and includes  five buildings surviving from the Civil War era. The scope of our work focused on the displays located within the renovated foundry building.

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